1) Engineering mathematics is at the heart of all branches of engineering, from aerospace engineering to electronics and from mechanical engineering to computer science. As engineering evolves and develops, mathematics forms the common foundation of all new disciplines.
2) In recent years there has been an extraordinary growth in the application of mathematics to these fields as well as to information technology, management and finance. Engineering mathematicians develop and apply advanced mathematical and computational techniques to understand these problems.
3) Engineering Mathematics is the art of applying mathematics to complex real-world problems. It combines mathematical theory, practical engineering and scientific computing to address today’s technological challenges.
4) Mathematics has uses in biomedical engineering, food technology, building technology, chemical sciences, civil and structural engineering, graphics and computer-aided drawing (CAD), environmental health, mining technology, nuclear medicine, occupational health, petroleum technology, forestry and wildlife, robotics, and surveying.
1) English is the Lingua Franca (language of the world) and it opens a wide vista to the world outside our own. It provides us the key to gain the world of knowledge and wisdom. Students in Engineering learn English not as a subject but as a language, a means to communicate with the world. It also helps one to get a good job and adjust with the world.
2) The basics for getting a job like Resume Writing, Interview Skills, GDs’, JAMs’, Presentations, Report writing etc. are taught.
Students are also trained to take up exams like TOEFL, GRE, and IELTS etc. for further education abroad.
3) Skills like proper pronunciation, accent, rhythm, intonation, comprehension, listening, roleplay, writing etc. are taught as part of first year English theory and lab.
4) Through English language students get a lot of confidence and motivation to learn other subjects.
5) The English department of our college can boast of reputed, experienced, talented, dynamic and highly motivated faculty working hard for enhancing the language and soft skills of our students.
6) Our English language laboratory is well equipped with the latest software, 120 systems, audio, video materials a projector and a library within the lab.
1) In engineering course the students are to solve models of real engineering  problems, Physics helps us to organize the universe. It deals with fundamentals, and helps us to see the connections between seemingly disparate phenomena.
2) They are to apply the laws presumably mastered in the physics course, to investigate quantities which are relevant to engineering
3) The goal of physics is to understand how things work from first principles.  We offer physics courses that are matched to a range of goals that students may have in studying physics
4) Physics provides quantitative and analytic skills needed for analyzing data and solving problems in the sciences, engineering and medicine, as well as in economics, finance, management, law and public policy.
1) In today’s society chemistry is greatly involved in the world of engineering. Whether it is aerospace, mechanical, environmental or other engineering fields the makeup of substances is always a key factor which must be known
2) Engineering Chemistry is all about turning raw materials into useful, everyday products. The clothes we wear, the food and drink we consume and the energy we use all depend upon chemical engineering.
3) Engineering Chemistry work out the processes to make all these products, while also helping to manage the world's resources, protect the environment and ensure health and safety standards are met.
4) Chemistry has a vital role to play in the engineering career of students.
Name of the Laboratory
Lab / Major Equipments
FIRST YEAR/OTHER UNDER GRADUATE COMPUTER PROGRAMMING LAB Computer system with C/C++ Compiler/code block including c compiler installed.
FIRST YEAR/OTHER UNDER GRADUATE ENGG PHYSICS LAB Spectrometer, Prism, diffraction grating, Tuning Fork,CR & LCR circuit kit, Stewart and Gee’s appar
FIRST YEAR/OTHER UNDER GRADUATE ENGG.CHEMISTRY LAB Pipette 20 mL ,Burette 50 mL ,Beaker 250 mL ,Standard flask 100 mL Conical flask 250 mL ,Colorimeter
FIRST YEAR/OTHER UNDER GRADUATE ENGINEERING CHEMISTRY LAB Conductivity meter ,Potentio meter ,Redwood or Ostwald's ,Viscometer ,Stop Clocks,Stalagno Meterwash
FIRST YEAR/OTHER UNDER GRADUATE ENGINEERING PHYSICS LAB LED, LASER Source, Fiber optics kit,Energy band gap kit, Torsional Pendulam kit.
FIRST YEAR/OTHER UNDER GRADUATE ENGINEERING WORKSHOP Cope and drag with sweeps,Different patterns,Core boxes, ARC WELDING MACHINE,TIG welding machine
FIRST YEAR/OTHER UNDER GRADUATE ENGINEERING WORKSHOP-1 Tongs and other black smithy tools,Wiring board ,Wiring tools,Wiring cables,Foundry tools, viz., ram
FIRST YEAR/OTHER UNDER GRADUATE ENGLISH LANGUAGE COMMUNICATION SKILLS LAB(CALL PART) Master Console ,Student Consoles,Multimedia Computers,Head Phones,Platform,Learning Soft Ware
FIRST YEAR/OTHER UNDER GRADUATE ENGLISH LANGUAGE COMMUNICATION SKILLS LAB(ICS PART) Public Address System,TV,Projector ,Digital Stereo - Audio and Video System,Camcorder
FIRST YEAR/OTHER UNDER GRADUATE IT WORKSHOP/ ENGINEERING WORKSHOP -- IT WORKSHOP -- PC HARDWARE Computer system components set consisting of motherboard RAM chips, Harddisks , Graphic Card, Proces
3 UPPU MAHESH  Assistant Professor M.SC.(CHEMISTRY)  Chemistry 
4 MAVURAPU HAREESHA  Assistant Professor M.SC.(CHEMISTRY)  Chemistry 
5 V. RAJYALAXMI  Assistant Professor M.SC.(CHEMISTRY)  Chemistry 
6 RICHARD THOMAS  Assistant Professor M.A ENG  English 
7 PARAMKUSHAM MADHAVI  Assistant Professor M.A ENG (Ph.D.)  English 
8 OLLALA KUMARA SWAMY  Assistant Professor M.A ENG (Ph.D.)  English 
9 ABBOORI RAMACHANDRA SURESH  Assistant Professor M.A ENG  English 
10 OLLALA SRINIVAS  Assistant Professor M.A (Ph.D.)  English 
11 BADDAM YELLA REDDY  Assistant Professor M.SC. (MAT) B.ED.  Maths 
12 A PRASANNA  Assistant Professor M.SC. (MAT)  Maths 
13 KADARLA NAVEEN KUMAR  Assistant Professor M.SC. (MAT)  Maths 
14 GOTTIPATI SURESH  Assistant Professor M.SC. (MAT)  Maths 
15 SAMALA SRINIVAS REDDY  Assistant Professor M.SC. (MAT)  Maths 
16 C USHA BHAVANI  Assistant Professor M.SC. (MAT)  Maths 
17 ANITHA BANALA  Assistant Professor M.SC. (ENV.SCI.)  Others(CIVIL/MECH) 
18 MUSHANAM MAHESHWAR  Assistant Professor M.SC. (ENV.SCI.)  Others(CIVIL/MECH) 
19 SR SHRAVAN KUMAR  Assistant Professor B.TECH.M.TECH  Others(CIVIL/MECH) 
20 MALOTU SARAIAH  Assistant Professor B.TECH.M.TECH  Others(CIVIL/MECH) 
22 BATHINI SANDHYA RANI  Assistant Professor B.TECH.M.TECH  Others(CSE/IT) 
23 RAGI RAMESH  Assistant Professor B.TECH.M.TECH  Others(CSE/IT) 
24 KESHETTI SRIMATHI  Assistant Professor B.Tech. M.Tech.  Others(CSE/IT) 
25 AKKAPALLI SRINIVAS  Assistant Professor B.Tech. M.Tech.  Others(CSE/IT) 
26 VELICHALA DEEPTHI  Assistant Professor B.Tech. M.Tech.  Others(CSE/IT) 
27 SARDARNI MOHINDER KAUR  Assistant Professor B.Tech. M.Tech.  Others(ECE/EEE) 
28 GUGULOTH VIJAYA  Assistant Professor B.Tech. M.Tech.  Others(ECE/EEE) 
29 KETHIREDDY SWETHA  Assistant Professor B.Tech. M.Tech.  Others(ECE/EEE) 
30 TOKA MURALI MOHAN  Assistant Professor B.TECH.M.TECH  Others(ECE/EEE) 
31 SARVA SANTHOSH KUMAR  Assistant Professor B.TECH.M.TECH  Others(ECE/EEE) 
32 K SWAMY  Assistant Professor MBA  Others(MNGT/H&S) 
33 MADA SRINIVAS  Assistant Professor MBA  Others(MNGT/H&S) 
34 CH SUMALATHA  Assistant Professor M.A ENG  Others(MNGT/H&S) 
35 SINGIREDDY SHIRISHA  Assistant Professor B.TECH.M.TECH  Others(MNGT/H&S) 
36 BANALA BHAVANI  Assistant Professor B.COM. M.COM  Others(MNGT/H&S) 
37 KRISHNA REDDY CHALLA  Assistant Professor M.SC. (PHY)  Physics 
38 KANKANALA RAMGOPAL REDDY  Assistant Professor M.SC. (PHY)  Physics 
39 B ANAND YADAV  Assistant Professor M.SC. (PHY)  Physics 
40 BURA SRIKANTH  Assistant Professor M.SC. (PHY)  Physics 
41 DURSHETI KIRANKUMAR  Assistant Professor M.SC. (PHY)  Physics 
42 GAMPA MADAN MOHAN  Assistant Professor M.SC. (PHY)  Physics