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  1. Name                                                 :   Dr.B. MADHUSUDAN REDDY
  2. Address                                             :   H.No.8, North Avenue, Near Apollo Reach Hospital,

       Teegalaguttapalli, Karimnagar 505001
       Mobile No: 9949700037
      Email ID :

  3. Date of Birth                                     :  10-11-1957
  4. Social Background                           : OC
  5. Present Position                               :  Principal (Retired) Govt.Degree College, Choppadandi  &                                 

Principal(FAC) SRR Govt Degree And PG College, Karimnagar

  1.  Teaching Experience                                               :



Place of Work



Assistant Professor in Chemistry

JVR Govt. Degree College, Sattupally

1987-91                    (3 years 8 Months)


Assistant Professor in Chemistry

SRR Govt. Degree & PG College, Karimnagar

1991-1997                (6 years 4 Months)


Associate Professor of Chemistry

SRR Govt. Degree & PG College, Karimnagar

1997-2015                 (8 years 11 Months)



Government Degree College, Choppadandi

2010-2015                (5 years 1 Month)


Principal (FAC)

SRR Govt. Degree & PG College, Karimnagar

2014-15                    (1 year 5 Months)

List of Articles Published                 :

  1. NCC – Second Line of Defence”  in Pragathi Vidyarthi, fortnightly (Telugu) – Jan 2003..
  2. Leadership Traits” in Sahitichetana 2000-01.
  3. For strong & Pleasing Personality” in Sahitichetana 2001-02.
  4. Earth, Environment and wood land “in Sahitichetana 2002-03.
  5. Success & Failure” in Sahitichetana 2005-06.
  6. “MANA TV “ Content Generator & Presenter : Topic: IUPAC nomenclature of coordination compounds for B.Sc. III year students.
  7. MANA TV “ Content Generator & Presenter : Topic: Moleanlar orbital Theory of Simple Diatomic molecules for B.Sc I year Students.
  8. Personality Development Series – Part I, Vaarthalu Telugu Daily Paper 2008.
  9. Personality Development Series – Part II,   Vaarthalu Telugu Daily Paper 2008.
  10. Personality Development Series – Part III,   Vaarthalu Telugu Daily Paper 2008.
  11. Personality Development Series – Part IV,  Vaarthalu Telugu Daily Paper 2008.
  12. Personality Development Series – Part V,   Vaarthalu Telugu Daily Paper 2008.
  13. Personality Development Series – Part VI,   Vaarthalu Telugu Daily Paper 2008.
  14. Personality Development Series – Part VII,  Vaarthalu Telugu Daily Paper 2008.
  15. Personality Development Series – Part VIII,  Vaarthalu Telugu Daily Paper 2008.
  16. Introduction to Green Chemistry  - Telugu Vidhyarthi Monthly Magazine 2011
  17. Essential Life Skills for Personality Development” – Sahiti Chetana – 2010
  18. Importance of Chemistry”, Vidhya Monthly Magazine 2012
  19. Redefining role of Principal- taking lead and load” – Proc. Of Institutional Quality Improvement – Role of Governance, Leadership and Management  2014.
  20. Common Employability Skills” Sahitichetana 2015.
  21. e-waste management” – The Environment Magazine 2015.
  22. Currency Contamination” Ayudham Monthly magazine 2015.
  23. Life Style Diseases” Ayudham Monthly magazine 2015.
Research Publications National      :
  1. “Influence of Charge on the Stability of 5’ – CMP in solution”, B. Madhusudan Reddy and P. Rabindra Reddy. Proc. Indian Acad – Sci ( Chemical Science) 95, 229 (1985)
  2. “Metal Complexes of 5’ – CMP in Solution”,  B. Madhusudan Reddy and P. Rabindra Reddy, National Acad – Sci.Letters, 8, 205 (1985)
  3. Effect of stacking interaction on the stability of Ternary Complexes of Rare Earth Metal ions”, B. Madhusudan Reddy and P. Rabindra Reddy,  Proc. National Seminar on “Role of metal ions reaction pathways” P-67 (2008)
  4. Preparation, characterization of methyl ‘ester of 5’ – CMP and its interaction with various metal ions”, B.Madhusudan Reddy and P.Rabindra Reddy. Proc. National Seminar on “Role of metal ions reaction pathways” P-73 (2008)
  5. Bio-Leaching a new biotech tool for a cleaner environment”,  B.Madhusudhan Reddy,  E.Nagabhusan, A. Ravindranath & K.N. Rao Proc of National Seminar on Biotechnology in Environmental Protection and Monitoring, September.  16 & 17, 2005, Karimnagar (A.P) – 287
  6. Effect of charge on the stability of metal nucleic base complexes”, B. Madhusudhan Reddy and P. Rabindra Reddy. Proc. National Seminar on “ Role of metal ions reaction pathways” , 28&29 August 2008
  7. Environmentally being synthesis  of dihydropyrimidines under solvent free conditions”,  B. Mdhusudhan Reddy and N. Umapathi.Asian Jour. Of Chemistry (Communicated) 2009.
  8. “Interaction of bivalent metal ions with methyl ester of 5’ Uridine monophosphate”, B. Madhusudhan Reddy and P.Rabindra Reddy, Proc. National Seminar on “Role of Metal ions reaction pathways”, P-73,2008

Research Publications International          :

  1. “Ternary Complexes of 5’ – CMP and cytosine with some biologically important secondary ligands”. B. Madhusudan Reddy Polyhedron, 5, 1947 (1986)
  2. Charge Effects on nucleic bases”,  B. Madhusudan Reddy and P. Rabindra Reddy. Proc – XXIC, ICCC, 672(1986)
  3. Books Authored                               :
  4. Unified College Chemistry – III For B.Sc. III year Students (Himalaya Publishing Company)
  5. Unified College Chemistry – IV For B.Sc. III year Students (Himalaya Publishing Company)
  6. NCC Cadet Care Hand Book (6th Edition)
  7. National and International Days of the Year (Navachetana Publishing House)
  8. Editor, “Role of Metal ions in Reaction Mechanisms
  9. Green Chemistry (Telugu Medium) in Press
No of M.Phils Awarded : 01

National Honours and Awards                               :

  1. M.Sc. Chemistry Gold Medal From KU - 1982
  2. Ph.D. From OU - 1986
  3. State Best Teacher Award By Govt. of AP - 2000
  4. National Best Chemistry Award By TATA Group of Companies - 2011.
  5. National Best Chemistry Teacher Award By CRSI - 2011.
  6. Rajiv Gandhi Excellence Award by IIEM, New Delhi
  7. Jewel of India Award by ISC, New Delhi.
  8. Indira Gandhi National Best NSS Unit Award from President of INDIA - 2014
  9. State Best Citizen Award by NGO.
  10. P.V. Narasimha Rao Life Time Achievement Award by NGO.
  11. State Best NCC Officer Award by NCC Directorate, AP.
  12. AP NCC Directorate Special Award.
  13. Chief Minister’s Medal
  14. Pushkara Purashkar by Govt. of AP.
  15. DGNCC Commendation Card and Decoration Badge.
  16. Vishista Vidya Seva Puraskar by NGO.
  17. Best Teacher Award by Lions Club International.
  18. Samajika seva Puraskar by NGO.
  19. Best Social Service Award by Govt. Of AP
  20. Dimond Pin for membership excellence by Lions Clubs International.
  21. Bharat Gourav Puraskar by GIF, New Delhi - 2015.
  22. State level Ugadi Puraskar for exhibiting Social Commitment - 2016
International Honours and Awards                       :
  1. Asia Pacific Achievers Award by ISC, New Delhi.
  2. International Excellence Award by GAF, New Delhi.
  3. International President’s Appreciation Certificate from Lions Clubs International.


Conferences/Seminars/Courses Attended:
  1. National Seminar on “Environmental benign Synthetic methodologies in Chemistry” organized by Dept. of Chemistry, Kakatiya University, Warangal – 08&09 January 2009.  Paper Presented: “Environmentally benign synthesis of dihydropyrimidines in solvent free conditions”.

  2. National Seminar on “Recent Development in Coordination’s and bioinorganic Chemistry” Kakatiya University, Warangal – 11&12 March 2005.  Paper Presented: “Charge effects on nucleic bases”.
  3. National Seminar on “Bio-technology in Environmental Protection and monitoring” organized at S.R.R. Govt. College, 16 – 17 September 2005 at Karimnagar. Paper Presented: “Bio Leaching- A new Biotech Tool for a Cleaner Environment”.
  4. National Seminar on “Role of Metal ions in reaction pathways” at S.R.R. Govt.College, Karimanagar, 28-29 August 2008. Paper Presented: “Effect of Stacking interaction on the stability of Ternary Complexes of rare earth metal ions”.
  5. National Seminar on “Role of Metal ions in reaction pathways” at S.R.R. Govt.College, Karimanagar, 28-29 August 2008. Paper Presented: Interaction of bivalent metal ions with methyl ester of 5’ CMP”.
  6. National Seminar on “Role of Metal ions in reaction pathways” at S.R.R. Govt.College, Karimanagar, 28-29 August 2008. Paper Presented: “Influence of charge on the thermodynamic parameters of 5’CMP and cytosine complexes”.
  7. State level Seminar on “ Cultural Pollution” organized by Janavignana vedika 1997.
  8. Seminar on” Water and Trees” by University PG College, Karimnagar 1997.
  9. National Seminar on “Recent Trends in Organic Synthesis” at KU Warangal 1997.
  10. Seminar on “Youth welfare activities” by Velugu, Govt. of AP. 26-28 September 2008.
  11. District level workshop on “ Youth Welfare Activities” by Youth Services, Govt. of AP, 18th February 2006.
  12. District level youth training programme, 6-12th December 2006
  13. Seminar on “Dowry- Child Labour Eradication- Gender Equality and Domestic Violence” 7th August 2007.
  14. Youth Empowerment and Employment Opportunities” by STEPKAR 2007.
  15. “UGC Sponsored Refresher Course at OU, Hyderabad, 11-30thSeptember 2000.
  16. UGC Sponsored Refresher Course” at OU, Hyderabad, 30 Nov-23rdDecember 2008.
  17. “UGC Sponsored Orientation Course at OU, Hyderabad, 2-25th May 1988.
  18. UGC Sponsored Professional Development Programme” for Principals by MANUU at Hyderabad, 18-23rdJune  2012.
  19. NCC Pre-Commission Course at OTA Kamptee 22nd November 1993 to 19th February 1994.
  20. NCC Refresher Course Part-I at OTA, Kamptee.
  21. NCC Refresher Course Part-II at OTA, Kamptee.
  22. UGC Sponsored National Seminar on “New Frontiers in Chemistry” at KU, 26th -27th February 2007.
  23. Recent Advances in Green Chemistry- “Aligning Science, Education, Industry and Society”, National Seminar at SU, 15-16th November 2010.
  24. CRSI National Symposiam in Chemistry at NISER, Bhuvaneshwar, 4-6 February 2011.
  25. Novel Polymers, Nano Science and Green Chemistry”, National Seminar at KU, 23-24 February 2008.
  26. New Vistas in Chemistry during 21st Century”, National seminar at KU, 11-12th September  2009.
  27. Current Trends in Plant Sciences” National Seminar at GDC Women, Karimnagar, 22-23rd September 2007.
  28. District Lions Leadership Institute Organised seminar, 17-18th December 2011, Hyderabad.
  29. MANA TV Programs workshop organized by CCE, Hyderabad. March 2004.
  30. Lions Quest Skills For Adolescence workshop, 11-13 September 2007.
  31. Right Knowledge workshop may 12-13th May 2007, Hyderabad
  32. Human Values and Professional Ethics workshop on 26th November 2014.
  33. Institutional Quality Improvement Seminar at SRR Govt. College, November 2014.
  34. Need for Improvement of Standards and Values in Higher Education at SRR Govt. College, Karimnagar,2004.
  35. Kargil Conflict- One day seminar at SRR College, Karimnagar, 1999.
  36. Youth for Corrupt free society at SRR Govt. College, by 9(A) NCC Battalion , Karimnagar,1998.
  37. One day workshop on UG & PG Chemistry Practicals at SRR Govt. Arts & Science College, Karimnagar, 2002.


Membership in Academic Bodies and Administrative posts held
  1. Principal, Government Degree College, Choppadandi.
  2. Principal, (FAC), SRR Government Degree College, Karimnagar.
  3. Member, Academic Senate, SU
  4. Member, Sports Board, SU
  5. Member, NSS Organisory Board, SU
  6. Member, BOS in Chemistry, (PG), SU
  7. Member, BOS in Chemistry, (UG),KU
  8. Member, BOS in Environmental Science, KU.
  9. Coordinator, Dr.BRAOU Regional Center, Karimnagar
  10. Associate NCC Officer for 18 years
  11. Co-ordinator, NAAC & IQAC
  12. NSS Programme Officer for 3 years
  13. Co-ordinator, District Resource Centre.
  14. Member Academic Affairs Committee, SU.
  15. President, Satavahana Lions Club, Karimnagar - 2005
  16. Zone Chairperson, Lions Club International - 2006,
  17. Region Chairperson, Lions Club International - 2012
  18. Micro Cabinet Member, Lions Club International -2015
  19. District Coordinator, Lions Clubs International – 2016
  20. District Chairman, Lions Clubs International – 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014
Title of the Ph.D.Thesis Preparation, Characterisation and Investigation of Metal, Interactions of Methyl Phosphate Esters of Mononucleotides and their related systems.

 Education Background                    :



Education Level







ZPHS, Parvathgiri

State Syllabus





Govt.  Junior  College, Hanamkonda

Bi P C




B. Sc.

CKM Arts & Science College, Warangal, KU

Chemistry, Zoology,  Industrial  Chemistry

First with Distinction




Kakatiya University

Inorganic Chemistry

Distinction with Gold Medal



Ph D

Osmania University

Bio-Inorganic Chemistry





Kakatiya University

Research and PG Teaching


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